Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 2... not so good

This week's 'no spend' has not gone so well! Where do I start... today I was hungover I had to go to see the Sound of Music with 2 of my kids and my sister in law, who kindly got the tickets for my birthday.

However, the hangover meant that I decided we should catch the train into town rather than deal with the stress of city parking and driving. We got to the station and I realised that my son's Myki was out of funds, and that my Myki was not in my bag. Luckily I have a spare card, but I ended up spending $15 to top up both cards. Next, I was so very hungover that I needed a second coffee before the performance. And so I bought my first cafe coffee for the month. It wasn't even very nice! So a $19 spend today. Not great.

I've been really missing going to cafes still. I think once the month is up I'll allow myself to go once or twice a week, as it makes me very happy!

Other unexpected expenses this week included new shoes for Ginger, two big bags of flour so I can continue to make bread (I bought a bag, and Adrian didn't realise and also bought one!), a block of Lindt for my mother's day present (I said I didn't want anything, but did enjoy it!), and in addition to the fruit and veg top up, we bought some more Bonsoy as we are about to run out. Usually I go through 1 litre a week, but since the cafe ban we've been drinking 2-3 litres a week! I suppose I should just be drinking black coffee, but I just can't do it...

One thing I'm really noticing with the fruit and veg boxes, is that we're not doing the top up until there is absolutely nothing left. In the past, I'd start to freak out when the fruit bowl was getting low, but now we actually eat the stuff that I often left to get old and sad. For example, I have discovered that my kids LOVE oranges, pears, and celery with peanut butter. These are things that I never even tried giving them in the past.

I'm also learning to bake biscuits, using oats and whatever else I can find in the cupboard. I've been surprised how easy and delicious they are!

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