Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 2: Minimal hurdles

I spent $1 today on the hire of tap shoes for Ginger's ballet/tap class. I had totally forgotten about this expense, which we have to pay each week. But it's a lot cheaper than forking out for a pair of shoes which she'll grow out of within months, so I didn't feel too bad about breaking the 'no spend' rule.

I also had a bit of a win this evening when Adrian wanted to go out and buy eggs so he could make bread and butter pudding. [We had lots of white bread crusts left over from fairy bread that needed using, and bread and butter pudding is his favourite food - yes, really!] But instead of going to the shops for eggs, I convinced him to rifle through the cupboards and find some custard powder to mix with milk (also left over from the party; we don't normally have dairy in the house). Anyway, he's happy as apparently is was actually quite nice.

I also spent money today on a doctor's visit, but health/medical isn't included in the challenge so that's all good. And the GP actually saved me money as I had decided that I needed to take Darcy and myself off to sleep school, but he convinced me that I had all the tools to work it out myself. So I'm now feeling motivated to actually try and fix her sleep issues and he's given me lots of good ideas. So fingers crossed!

I've also gone through the fridge today and meal planned for the rest of the week and decided I won't need a fruit and veg box until next Tuesday, which is pretty good.

I have also realised (following lots of FB queries) that I don't have enough flour to make my usual bread for the rest of the month. We used a heap making cakes for the girls' birthday party last week. I'll be okay for another week or so, but then will have to decide whether to buy some or to beg/borrow from the neighbours. I could repay them in loaves of sourdough if they provide enough flour!

Another problem that I hadn't foreseen is that I have a playgroup night out scheduled for later in the month that I really want to go to. Not quite sure how to get around that one. Will probably just have to miss it or go at the end for a drink (... of water!).

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