Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Utilities... UGH!

So, Victorian Energy Compare has certainly made it a bit easier, but I just have to say I want to tear my hair out!!! I still have no idea what to do about my Electricity and Gas bills after spending several hours on the task. It's all so damn confusing!

We currently have both bills with AGL, and we get a 14% discount off our usage if we pay on time (which we always do). So although our rates might be a little higher than some other companies, the discount does help. I called AGL hoping to negotiate down the daily supply charge rate, which seemed very high, but they just got me more confused! They offered an extra 20% discount if we combine the two bills. Which sounds great, but the discount is only off usage and our supply charge is usually higher than our usage. So now I need to go and do even more calculations to see if we'll come out in front against other companies with lower rates. It's all very boring 'back of the envelope' calculations which I really don't care for. No wonder people just give up!

Our bills actually aren't too ridiculous anyway. According to our electricity bills we use less electricity than the average 1 person household! What on earth do people do to use so much electricity?! And our gas bill is only crazy in winter, so we can cope with that too.

So I think I'll just stick with AGL and get the extra discount. Saves changing suppliers and setting up new online transfers. At least I'll save us a bit of money this year!

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