Monday, October 10, 2016

Changing utility suppliers: Take 2!

Oh the joys! After deciding to stick with AGL for gas and electricity after they agreed to give me an extra discount off our already okay rates, I was pretty pleased to have saved some money with minimal effort. However, luckily I then checked the fine print when they emailed me the plan details (and next bill). Inexplicably, they had increased the base rate so substantially that I was now MUCH worse off!

I was naturally outraged and called them up.  I was put through to the 'resolutions' team, and the person I spoke to could not explain why the rates had gone up. She agreed to investigate and get back to me. Then nothing!

I called again a few weeks later and spoke to another person in the team, who also could not figure out why it had happened. Again, he agreed to investigate and promised to call back within 10 working days. That was about 4 weeks ago now and I've heard nothing.

So instead of going through the pain of calling them again, I've decided to switch. And it was surprisingly easy! I used the government site called Victorian Energy Compare and picked the cheapest electricity option, then went to the new company's website and signed up within about 5 minutes! All I needed was the metre number from a previous bill, and they then know all your details.  And my rates have dropped from a daily $1 supply charge to 71 cents, and usage from 19 cents to 15.4 cents. Which should all add up, plus there is a pay on time discount.

Now to sort out gas, but I was so excited about how easy it was, that I had to blog about it immediately!

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