Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The month after: how I'm tracking

At the start of this 'spending' month I was a bit worried that I hadn't learned anything from the no-spend month. However, it's now week 3 and I feel like I have definitely changed my coffee habits for the better, as well as my 'eat through the fridge and fruit bowl before I buy more food' habit.

We've managed to stretch last week's fruit and veg box out for 9 days (about to head to the fruit and veg shop for a top up) and I've only bought coffee a few times over the last week or so - and I mostly resisted the muffin add-on! I'm spending today replenishing the baked goods (making vegemite scrolls and choc-chip biscuits) and am feeling pretty good about our budget. I have exceeded my proposed grocery budget already, but this was mostly due to restocking of items that will last well past the month. So next month should be back on track.

Speaking of budget, I plan to spend the next week or so updating our (quite detailed) budget so that we can put together a plan to take to our financial advisor. We've been putting off seeing him for nearly a year now (the baby took over my headspace!) but am feeling that it's time to tackle this, especially with tax time soon approaching.

I'm also spending my time getting inspiration from others. There was an article in The Age Money section yesterday about 'extreme budgeting', with links to some rather interesting blogs that I've started to read. Inspiring stuff!

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