Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No spend May: my rules

So May will be a 'no spend' month for our family. There are going to be obvious exceptions to this rule.

As with most 'no spend' challenges, bills, rent, and any medical expenses are not included.

Obvious no-no's will be: eating/drinking out, take-away coffees, retail spending (no purchasing of clothes, gifts etc.), and supermarket groceries.

In terms of groceries, I'm going to allow us a small fruit and veggie box each week ($40 from CERES Fair Food), as we only really have silverbeet in the garden and we would starve otherwise! We have basic grains and legumes in the cupboard (I regularly try to eat through our cupboards), but we still need some fresh food. I'll also allow $4 a week for a few loaves of bread for the kid's lunches and breakfasts. I'll get Adrian to pick up the bread so I don't need to go near the shops (the veg box is picked up from someone's house).

I'll make sure that I have the basics covered for the month (eg toilet paper and nappies) - see my next post on planning. But I won't stockpile.

I'm going to allow use of my Myki travel card (which has $30 on it at the moment). I'll try to limit my use of the car, but we will need it to visit my Dad's farm so I'll make sure there is a full tank at the start of the month.

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